Panna Cotta £5.75
A classic dessert from Piemonte with vanilla flavoured cream base, covered with caramel

Banoffie Pie £5.95
Sweet pastry case filled with a rich caramel, topped with bananas and piped cream

Belgium Chocolate Fudge Cake £5.95
Belgian chocolate cake with fudge icing

Lemon Meringue Pie £5.95
A classic combination of sharp lemon filling and sweet pillowy meringue served with cream or ice cream.

Apple Pie £5.50
Home made apple pie with cream or ice cream

Tiramisu £5.50
Home made Italian dessert with cream or ice cream

Cheesecake £5.50
Home made cheesecake with cream or ice cream

Coppa Di Gio £4.95
Vanilla ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce, topped with crushed nuts

Coppa Italiana £4.95
Vanilla ice cream, a base of fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and topped with fresh whipped cream

Gelato Misto £4.95
Three flavours of Italian ice cream topped with fresh whipped cream

Piccolo Gelato £3.95
A choice of 2 flavours of Italian ice-cream

Affogato £4.95
Traditional vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso.

Sorbetto della Casa £6.25

Classic Cheese Platter £8.50

Further choices are also available from our display cabinet